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  • LGG160D is a single phase DIN-Rail prepaid meter which is configurable for power grid monitoring, load controlling, tamper monitoring and vending. It offers a plug and play module and an advanced anti-tamper solution to help utility increase the revenues and decrease the line loss. It complies with STS/CTS standard and DLMS/COSEM open protocol.

    A wise solution for residential customer.

  • LGG160D is a single phase DIN-Rail prepaid meter which is configurable for power grid monitoring, load controlling, tamper monitoring and vending. It offers a plug and play module and an advanced anti-tamper solution to help utility increase the revenues and decrease the line loss. 
    It complies with STS/CTS standard and DLMS/COSEM open protocol.
    A wise solution for residential customer.
    • Rated voltage
    • Operating voltage range
    • Rated Current and Starting Current
      5(100)A,5(80)A,5(60)A and 0.4%Ib
    • Rated frequency
    • Pulse Constant
      10000imp/kWh, 10000imp/kvarh
    • Accuracy Class
      Cl.1 for Active,Cl.2 for Reactive
    • Power Consumption
      Voltage circuit < 1W or 5VA, Current circuit < 0.2VA
    • Battery and Life
      Replaceable Lithium battery, life more than 15 years
    • Tropical working temperature
      -40℃ to +70℃, Humidity is up to 95%
    • EMC Performance
      Impulse voltage > 8KV, AC voltage > 4KV, Short circuit current > 3KA, Electrostatic Discharge > 8KV&15KV etc.
    • Protection class
      IP54 comply with IEC60529 Insulation grade II
    • Housing material
      Polycarbonate with non-conductive, high impact, smooth finish, durable, non-flammable, UV stabilized, UV resistant and high resistance to weathering
    • Dimension

LGG160D Single Phase Din-Rail Smart Prepaid Meter