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  • Import and export active/reactive energy measuring, the daily and monthly total energy and money consumption measuring, maximum demand and cumulative demand measuring;

    Instantaneous parameter measurement functions such as current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequencyetc.;

    Charge Currency or energy into meters locally and remotely, Emergency Credit, Friendly mode, Multi-step tariff, Service fees and subsidies, a STS/CTS accredited meter;

    DLMS/COSEM HDLC and IPV4 protocol ensures an open and secure communicational system, a DLMS UA accredited meter;

    Supporting multi remote communication modem, such as: G3-PLC/PRIME-PLC/ Mesh RF/LORA, Easy to replace on site and register automatically;

    Load control functions: Over load control, Arrearage control, Tamper control, Malfunction control, fire disaster control etc.;

    Event log function including multiple tamper event detections/power net event detections /load control detections;

    Supporting firmware upgrade locally and remotely;

    Multi-TOU tariff and Multi channels load profiles;

    Flexible RTC with accuracy 0.5s /day, and leap year auto switch;

    Easy to identify the alarm and error via the LEDs;

    Standard DIN bottom convenient for site installation;

  • LGG140D is a single-phase DIN-RAIL smart prepaid meter. It has AMI functions as a postpaid meter, meantime has split functions as a prepaid meter. Equipped with communication modem, it can be reading, monitoring and operating remotely. It is convenient for utility to manage the asset on time.
    LGG140D complies with STS/CTS standard and DLMS/COSEM open protocol, a good solution to have wise life.
    • Rated voltage
    • Limit working voltage range
    • Current
      5(60) A, 5(80)A,5(100)A
    • Pulse Constant
      10000imp/kWh, 10000imp/kvarh
    • Accuracy Class
      Cl.1 for Active,Cl.2 for Reactive
    • Rated operating frequency
    • Working temperature
      -40℃ to +80℃
    • Housing
    • Dimension

LGG140D Single Phase DIN-RAIL Smart Prepaid Meter